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Tanya Caltabiano

Inner South Veterinary Centre


Meet Dr Tanya Caltabiano

"I'm a vet in our beautiful nations capital. I'm a country girl at heart and I grew up on a property in regional NSW. One of the reasons I love being a vet is because it's given me the opportunity to travel all around Australia and the world helping people provide the best love and care for their pets"

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Posted about 1 year ago

Hi Tanya. We're the Cutuli family from Brisbane and we all want you on Bondi Vet! Good luck. Our question is, how do you train budgies to talk? We have two.

Posted about 1 year ago

What is the best cat breed for someone how likes a cat that likes to be close to you and cuddly but is low allergenic. I live by myself so my cat would need to be ok alone during the day. What breed would you recommend?

Posted about 1 year ago

What shirt haired dog breed would you suggest for a family with a small back yard.?

Posted about 1 year ago

Tanya is an amazing vet, she was very helpful with our sick young puppy Cally, and she made Cally look forward to coming to the vet!! Tanya has a calm and enthusiastic manner that animals really appreciate and she would be an awesome Bondi vet!!

Posted about 1 year ago

What is the best preparation for a pet that needs to fly overseas?

Posted about 1 year ago

How do you support new graduates and vet students within the industry, especially when it comes to stress and mental health issues?

Posted about 1 year ago

Thanks for the question, that’s a great one! This is something I am very passionate about as I spent 8 years in total at university- 6 of which were at vet school! So I truly understand the stresses of finding a work/life balance. I am currently part of the Charles Sturt University Alumni Mentor program, of which I am partnered with a student to provide support during their transition into the profession. With a job that can be a roller coaster at times, it is important that there are ways in which people can reach out to each other within the profession. Thanks for the question!

tanyacaltabianoTanya Caltabiano responded about 1 year ago

What's your favourite animal?

Posted about 1 year ago

Thanks for the question samjsutton! I have posted a video in response on my page! Have a watch to find out what my favourite animal is :)

tanyacaltabianoTanya Caltabiano responded about 1 year ago

What is your favourite type of animal to work with?

Posted about 1 year ago

I love all animals, and that is one thing I love so much about the job. Every hour I can be working with a different species, sometimes up to 6 or 7 different species in a day! However, I really do love the different personalities that dogs have. They are often so happy to see me at the clinic and I love the unconditional love that they give to their owners and me as their vet! Thanks for the question!

tanyacaltabianoTanya Caltabiano responded about 1 year ago

Tanya's a great vet and very passionate about what she does, I think she would be a perfect fit for Bondi!

Posted about 1 year ago

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