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Kelly Williams-Tubb

Locum Vet


Meet Dr Kelly Williams-Tubb

"I'm a GP and a 'vet on set', ensuring the welfare of animals is sustained on filming sets. I've had 18 years experience at stage school! I've worked across the world! Owning a pet is a privilege not a right. I feel strongly about educating the public!"

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I've known Kelly for 20 years and animals have always been her passion. She had dedicated her life to make all sorts of animals lives better. She is determined and motivated. You would be so wrong not to pick her!!

Posted almost 2 years ago

Kelly is the best bet I've been privileged to meet. The way she cares for animals in truly amazing. My dog loves her. Even after not seeing Kelly for a few years as soon as she saw her she bounded over to her!! True love ❤️

Posted almost 2 years ago

I worked with Dr Kelly in Melbourne at All Creatures. Kelly was well loved by clients and animals due to her enormous empathy and knowledge. A pleasure to work alongside her . I learnt so much. The dwarf kitten in the photo followed her everywhere.


Posted almost 2 years ago

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