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Sarah Jane Goodwin

Greencross Vets Coogee Maroubra


Meet Dr Sarah Jane Goodwin

"I would absolutely love the opportunity to share what I do everyday with the public, not only to see what we do behind the scenes and all the hard work and dedication from the teamwork, but also to inspire the future generations of vets out there."

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How do you support new graduates and vet students within the industry, especially when it comes to stress and mental health issues?

Posted about 2 years ago

I bred the pony Charger75v almost lost, whose life she saved, all the other vets had run out of options, Sarah was asked was there anything more possible and found a solution that worked, awesome vet.

Posted about 2 years ago

Fifty words isn't enough to describe what an awesome person she is, not just as a beautiful soul both inside and out. But her love and dedication to any animal that needs her help and skill

Posted about 2 years ago

Sarah's dedication to her animals and to clients is exceptional, she overcame every hurdle life has thrown at her. Almost losing her life in a car accident failed slow her determination to return to her studies to achieve her goal of becoming the best vet she can be,

Posted about 2 years ago

I am completely sure that Dr Sarah Goodwin should be the new bondi vet, not only for being an amazing vet, also for thr trust indeed in nurse staff, trying all the time that they improve the skill as vet nurse and share her knowledge with them.!

Posted about 2 years ago

Sarah is an incredible vet - from both the animals and their owners perspective.
She is always happy to provide sound advice regrading my two Great Danes.
I've also witnessed her in an emergency situation and her skill and professionalism are unmatched. She would be ideal for this role!

Posted about 2 years ago

Sarah Jane is one of the most amazing vets out there, and the ideal Bondi Vet! You can tell she loves her job, and all creatures great and small. Kind, beautiful, supportive, with a winning smile. Molly (pooch) and I fully support Sarah for the job!


Posted about 2 years ago

There's an old saying if it looks like a duck and quacks like a Duck 🦆 it is a Duck. So producers she looks like a vet she works like a vet she lives in Bondi she is a Bondi vet I'm sure Sarah's your new Bondi Vet.

Posted about 2 years ago

Sarah should be the next Bondi vet as not only is she an amazing vet but also a Veterinary Director. As a new nurse Sarah has welcomed me into her clinic and increased my knowledge sevenfold. She goes above and beyond for both clients and patients. A beautiful soul :)

Posted about 2 years ago

Dr Sarah has demonstrated a strong ability to engage and build relationships with her clients and their pets by providing ongoing quality care. A great role model for young girls aspiring to break the glass ceiling and achieve their dreams

Posted about 2 years ago

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