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Renee O'Duhring

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Meet Dr Renee O'Duhring

One of her clients said: "Dr Renee's profile as one of Australia's top holistic Vets is growing, and she runs the leading holistic veterinary clinic on the Sunshine Coast. She is dedicated, compassionate and unique. She has experience working with Totally Wild in Episodes TW23 178 & TW24 029."

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Renee has been amazing in her gentle and thorough approach with my Aust Terrier pup - vaccinosis and papilloma virus. I've been consulted at each step and we gradually re-built her microbiome and supported her immune system. She's fantastic.

Posted almost 2 years ago

My two Schnauzers have the best chance of having long and healthy lives with Dr Renee's advice of natural diet and balance of the best traditional and holistic care. Having this practice on the Sunshine Coast makes it a great place for dogs. Thank you.

Posted almost 2 years ago

Dr Renee and the team have made such a difference to my furries lives - medically and behaviourly. It would be amazing for Renee to be able to share her compassion, holistic approach and wealth of knowledge with Australia to help create happy, healthy pets.

Posted almost 2 years ago

Dr Renee is a profoundly dedicated, wise & unique vet. The animal kingdom needs vets like Renee, as the changes in my two animals health & wellbeing has been profound due to her knowledge, & caring leadership! At 11 years old their spirits are as bright as 8 week olds.

Posted almost 2 years ago

Dr Renee was so compassionate in the treatment of our 11yr old GSP dog. He was struggling with bouts of vertigo and she combined acupuncture with western medicine to bring comfort to his condition and return some quality into the last few months of his life.

Posted almost 2 years ago

We met Dr Renee yesterday and I feel so relieved. After nearly 6 years I have found a vet whose approach to healing animals is in line with our lifestyle. She was gentle with my beautiful dog, and took lots of time to treat her respectfully.

Posted almost 2 years ago

Dr Renee has completely changed the life of my German Shepherd, Rudy who was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. We travelled three & a half hours to see Dr Renee because of her holistic approach & her knowledge of raw natural diets. Rudy loves eating real food.


Posted almost 2 years ago

For anyone interested in learning more about a natural diet for their pets, check out this video we filmed at our clinic open day in 2015:

Posted almost 2 years ago

Thanks, Dr Renee, for the care and attention you lavish on all your patients, especially my 17 year-old miniature foxy, Misty. You took the time to find out all her background, and then treated, not just her symptoms, but the causes of her problems. Thank you.

Posted almost 2 years ago

Our Goldie had been seen by 2 other conventional vets for severe vertigo, showing no improvement.
As a nutritional biochemist myself, I really appreciate Renee's team's holistic treatment, with respect, patience and in depth understanding, bringing our boy, with a golden heart, back to radiant health, within days.

Posted almost 2 years ago

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