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Milad Keihanirad

East Fremantle Veterinary Clinic


Meet Dr Milad Keihanirad

"As part of my job, I get to do a lot of cool things, and work with some amazing people, but at the end of the day, we're all working towards one common goal, to give animals the best care and the best life possible"

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  • Chandice Bowles, Beulah Park SA
  • Yvette Colomb, St. Ives NSW
  • Kate Stuart, Belgian Gardens QLD
  • Ian Anderson, Wayo NSW
  • Dawn Laity, Hastings VIC
  • Lorraine McPherson, Chatswood NSW
  • Rebecca Pascoe, Glenelg North SA
  • Michele Jenner, Ourimbah NSW
  • Gabrielle Rice, Cleveland QLD

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Share my experience with Milad Keihanirad

Hi Dr Milad, what is one of the areas of your veterinary work you are most passionate about?

Posted about 1 year ago

Hey Dr. Milad! Your #1 fan here!
Just wondering what made you want to be a vet and do you remember when?

Posted about 1 year ago

Hey Milad, what do you get up to in your down time when you're not helping our furry friends?

Posted about 1 year ago

How do you support new graduates and vet students within the industry, especially when it comes to stress and mental health issues?

Posted about 1 year ago

Dr Milad's eyes light up with delight every time we enter the vet and he sees our little old pug. We know that she is about to receive the best of care from a professional and compassionate vet. The pug has spoken - Dr Milad is awesome!

Posted about 1 year ago

He makes up part of a great team at East Fremantle Vet Clinic

Posted about 1 year ago

His genuine love of animals and their welfare shines through in his work as a Vet. All the best Dr Milad hope you win👍 Molly and Wallace Reynolds


Posted about 1 year ago

Go Milad! Im cheering for you

Posted about 1 year ago

Miles looks like a genuine, kind and very smart person that isn't hard on the eye either. I think he would make an excellent replacement to Dr Chris Brown!

Posted about 1 year ago

Milad's gorgeous face matches his kind and caring heart. He has looked after our dogs with compassion and gentleness. He is a warm and intelligent man with all the charismatic qualities of a TV star! Australia will fall in love with him if he becomes the next Bondi Vet!

Posted about 1 year ago

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