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Edward Bassingthwaighte

The Healing Vet


Meet Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte

One of his clients said: "Dr Ed is has a unique approach to his treatment of animals. Unlike most vets he uses unconventional methods which most people around Australia would not have thought of as an option. I believe that will give him an edge over other vets in testing if holistic healing really works."

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Dear Doctor,
I would like to know if it ix posible to use cannabis eg hemp oil in the care of macropods
Wildlife carer

Posted 10 months ago

Dear Doctor,
I would like to know if it ix posible to use cannabis eg hemp oil in the care of macropods
Wildlife carer

Posted 10 months ago

My whippet is 14 months old.
I got him from a breeder 4 wks ago and I am struggling to relieve his separation anxiety. He came crate trained but howls incessantly when he is left alone. Any advice who be most appreciated.
Gabrielle Vining
Broadbeach Waters.


Posted 11 months ago

My 13 year old staffy's energy levels improved greatly and the suggested diet change was great for her. He is wholistic, takes the natural approach when he can, and takes time to get to know what's right for your pooch. I highly recommend Dr Ed.

Posted 12 months ago

Ed is a fantastic vet! He supported my family in learning how to care for our paralysed cat - - after mainstream vets told me the only option was putting her down. I'm an Ed fan - would be marvelous to see someone medical AND holistic based on your show!

Posted 12 months ago

He's a forward thinking and caring vet. Exactly what is needed to repair the reputation vets have these days

Posted 12 months ago

Doctor Edward's natural holistic approach to animal care and welfare is a refreshing take to just giving your much loved pet a pill.....he's great and has my kosupport all the way!

Posted 12 months ago

I follow Dr Ed on fb and find his ideas and approach to healing animals so refreshing and appealing. We need so many more vets like him, who think and treat would be great to have him share his ideas and methods on national tv.....

Posted 12 months ago

Edward healed my little Jack Russell's back pain with a few sessions of holistic healing and advised us of a toxin free diet for her. We now have a different little girl, happy, healthy, no pain, with no invasive treatment at all. Holistic works with traditional, it's time.

Posted 12 months ago

Edward is an amazing vet, he was the only vet that could heal my dog with his holistic treatment. Highly recommend him.

Posted 12 months ago

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