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Claire Madden

Zoos Victoria, Australia Zoo, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Animal Emergency Service Carrara


Meet Dr Claire Madden

"I also have experience in emergency and critical care. There was nothing more satisfying than being the Vet that was there in a time of need"

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6y/o F Jack Russell Constantly scratches, licks and bites herself wherever she can. Taken her to the vet, no ticks or fleas, up to date on all tables/jabs etc. Tried diet, shampoos, conditions, creams etc Nothing works. We've also changed environments too without change. Help

Posted almost 2 years ago

Hi what would u suggest for my furbabie that has smelly breath I buy dents bones I feed her cribble she's only 5 and I don't why she smelly breath i was just wonder u suggest to stop her smelly breath with lots Sharron savage


Posted almost 2 years ago

Here is my response to a great question: if I could take my job anywhere in the world where would I want to take it? Claire 🐨🍃

Posted almost 2 years ago

Go Dr Claire !!!

Posted almost 2 years ago

Dr Claire - whether you win this or not we would love to see you continue a career in TV. Your job is amazing and you passion is infectious. Thank you for doing what you do .

Posted almost 2 years ago

Here is a short video response to creatures who has asked : what is my favourite reptile?
Enjoy my answer creatures - you will be pleasantly surprised
Dr Claire

Posted almost 2 years ago

Go Claire!!!

Posted almost 2 years ago

Hi Claire, could you elaborate on why we as consumers should not purchase products that contain palm oil? I mean, what is the big deal?

Posted almost 2 years ago

Dr Claire, being that you're a wilflide vet as well as an emergency & critical care vet. What kind of animals do you like working with most?

Posted almost 2 years ago

Good Luck Dr Claire - you would be perfect for this role.

Posted almost 2 years ago

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