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Andy Pieris

Casuarina Seaside Vet


Meet Dr Andy Pieris

"Becoming the next Bondi Vet is a thank you. A thank you to all the animals for the unspoken, selfless love that they fill us with."

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Is 5 weeks and 4 days to young to be taking your bowl up for your dinner


Posted over 1 year ago

Andy is such a vet star!
You can't help but fall in love with her bubbly personality and caring smile. VOte for andy to be part of your dinner time TV!
Love you Dr andy

Posted over 1 year ago

What animal has surprised you the most with their recovery

Posted over 1 year ago

Hey Andy, thanks for all the hard work you have done for Sue and her hairy babies (Rescue Horses). You are a true ⭐️ xx

Posted over 1 year ago

Hi Andy,
I have read that the period before a dog is vaccinated is a vital time for them to learn social behaviours from other dogs. I am wondering whether you think socialising your dog before vaccination is a risk worth taking.

Posted over 1 year ago

Hi Dougald, Thanks for your question. Yes socialisation at a young age is vital for a puppy's social development and mental stimulation. Although, the puppy should be socialised only with dogs that you know are vaccinated (e.g a family or friends dog with a current vaccination certificate). This can reduce the risk of your puppy contracting preventable diseases. However, it is best to get your vet's advice on this as different regions require different vaccination protocols. Thanks again, Andy.

AndyPierisAndy Pieris responded over 1 year ago

Why do you love being a vet?

Posted almost 2 years ago

Hi Sky, Thanks so much for your question. If you view my answer to a previous question about my favorite things being a vet, I'm sure this will answer your question. There are SO many parts of being a vet that I love. Here is a few: - Being there to help someone else's bestfriend - Being a voice for my patients - Meeting new people everyday - Becoming part of peoples lives and their journey with their pet - The happiness that I get from a successful outcome for the patient - The endless gratitude that my patients show me - Seeing the happiness that a pet in it's best health can bring to a person - I don't see my career as a 'job' but rather a dedication to the improvement of animal health and welfare whilst engaging with people to make the best decisions for their pet. There are still many more reasons but these are some of my favorites. Thanks again for all of your support. Dr Andy

AndyPierisAndy Pieris responded almost 2 years ago

Hi Andy. You've obviously been kissed by a hundred and one dogs but have you been kissed by any other animals? And if so, what animals were they?

Posted almost 2 years ago

Hi Dr Andy, what is your most favourite thing about being vet?
Jules Tisdall

Posted almost 2 years ago

We have recently moved up from Sydney with all of our 7 fur babies. Dr Andy has been such a find for us. Dr Andy has been so great with our babies and also with us. Our 2 girls love her to bits. Such a beautiful person Andy is.


Posted almost 2 years ago

Our cat goes frim being overly friendly to almost ignoring everyone. Is this normal?

Posted almost 2 years ago

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