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New Species Of Dancing Spiders!

Australian scientist has discovered seven new species of peacock spiders...

In the past ten years, Sydney based scientist, Jurgen Otto has discovered seven new species of peacock spiders. The new discovery has bumped up the species total to 48.

The peacock spiders are distinct from other arachnids due to their brightly coloured backsides.

Otto notes their behaviour strays away from that of a typical spider and mimics behaviours of cats and dogs, reacting more to their environments.

The insect’s name, peacock spider, comes from the dance moves the male spider makes, while trying to ‘woo’ its female counterpart during courtship.

Along with the spectacular dance moves, the peacock spider waves it’s legs in the air enthusiastically, mimicking a pulsating heart beat.

Research shows the male spiders respond to the female’s cues and if she is not being attentive, the male shakes his brightly coloured abdomen more enthusiastically to gain her attention.

The adorable little arachnids are approximately three to five millimetres in length and are found in the Australian bushland, particularly in Western Australia.