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​The Australian Reptile Park


What kinds of creatures are home to the Australian Reptile Park?

You may be familiar with seeing the Australian Reptile Park and Tim Faulkner on Bondi Vet. We are here to give you a little more insight the biggest tourist attraction on the Central Coast and the home to many of Australia’s native animals!

The Australian Reptile Park is located just off the Pacific Motorway, about an hour north of Sydney. Although named a reptile park, it is home to many other Australian native species such as kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and koalas.

The park initially opened at the Ocean Beach Aquarium, Umina Beach in 1948, before moving to a new location to Gosford in 1996.

Some of the reptiles you may find at the Australian Reptile Park include crocodiles, alligators, lizards, pythons, brown snakes, death adders, cobras, turtles and skinks.

he park is also home to a wide variety of arachnids. These eight-legged friends include huntsman, bird-eating spiders, red backs, wolf spiders, scorpions and tarantulas.

In the furry category, many of the country’s favourite animals are included. From wallabies, Tasmanian devils, wombats, dingos, platypus, echidnas and koalas, the Australian Reptile Park is a place where you can observe and learn about many of the native creatures that walk on our land.

One of the park’s most famous attractions is Elvis the crocodile. The king has been calling the park home for almost 10 years. Originating from Darwin up in the Northern Territory, he was captured and taken to a crocodile farm due to multiple attacks on fishing boats. As he was too big to be re-released into the wild, he came around just in time to replace Eric, the park’s former celebrity croc.

Another superstar at the Australian Reptile Park you may be familiar with is Bondi Vet’s Tim Faulkner. As General Manager and Head of Conservation, Tim has a huge responsibility in making sure the animals are happy, fit and healthy. His enthusiastic personality and passion for animals shines through in everything he does, from wrestling crocs to milking Funnel-web spiders, he always has the animal’s best interest at hand.

Tim is the perfect personality to educate and entertain people on our native animals, conservation and keeping our local wildlife in existence. He holds extensive knowledge on Australian wildlife, which contributes to the ways he assists in helping our injured and endangered animals. If Tim isn’t at the Australian Reptile Park, helping out animals on Bondi Vet, you can find him on his very own program, The Wild Life of Tim Faulkner. What an outstanding guy!

If you visit the Australian Reptile Park, don’t forget to check out their educational talks. From dingos to spider talks, over to the alligator and Galapagos tortoise feeding, there’s no shortage of entertainment for all ages to enjoy.

The Australian Reptile Park also includes a café and barbecue facilities where you can enjoy lunch surrounded by kangaroos. Visitors also have a chance for photo opportunities with some of the native animals. There is something for the whole family to appreciate!

For more information on ticket prices and opening hours, visit the Australian Reptile Park’s website and to keep up to date with the amazing Tim Faulkner, take a look at his website and follow him on social media. For more information on our native wildlife, tune into Bondi Vet 6:30pm Saturday on TEN.

Photographs courtesy of the Australian Reptile Park