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​Survival Skills of Aussie Animals!


The imaginative ways Australian animals adapt to our extreme conditions...

From the tropical storms of far north Queensland, to the deserts of Australia's central outback, Australia undoubtedly has some of the roughest weather conditions in the world.

Over the years, our native animals have found amazing ways to evolve with skills to survive in the wild. These survival skills include ways to protect themselves from severe weather conditions, plus ingenious ways to hunt for food to protect themselves and their young.

Our national animal the kangaroo has one of the most fascinating survival skills of all. They have the ability to put off pregnancy until the conditions for the joey are ideal. The pause may be as a result of limited food options of harsh weather conditions.

Another one of our national animals – the emu, has another fascinating survival skill. As they are considered flightless birds, you may assume their wings are completely pointless. But don’t underestimate them, they do in fact serve a purpose as operational fans to cool themselves down. As they have no sweat glands, their temperatures rise up in the Australian heat so they use their wings to cool themselves down. Just like dogs, they pant!

Wombats live on a plant based diet. They are herbivores that live on grass, shrubs, roots and leaves. Since a wombat’s diet consists of trees and bark, their 24 rootless teeth are constantly growing. This is to compensate for the wear and tear of their tough diet.

The platypus is one of Australia’s most fascinating creatures. Not only because of their looks, which seem to perceive them as part beaver, duck and otter, but their evolutionary survival skill. To assist platypuses when searching for food, they have the amazing ability to turn off other senses, and use the thousands of electroreceptors in their bill. This helps them search for food including small fish, shrimp, crayfish and worms. That’s pretty cool!