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Why does my female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lick windows?

My Cavi Sadie is about 11 years old now but pretty much ever since she was a puppy she's licked windows or glass doors (Sadie the cleaning lady). When we go out sometimes she'll go sit by the front window (especially when it's sunny) and she's sometimes still there when we come home, she sits patiently for a bit but if we're taking a little while to get out she'll start to lick and scratch the window.Same story for if she's out in the backyard she'll lick and scratch the window where she can see in even if the door has been left open for her to come back in.Is there a reason why she does this or is it just a strange little quirk?


1 Answer


Hi dav007,

Thanks for your question. There are a number of reasons Sadie may be acting this way. Some dogs lick, scratch or chew furniture when they're anxious, excited or even bored. If you have a chat with your vet, he or she will be able to profile Sadie's behavioural history and work out what is causing her to lick windows around your home. Hope this helps!

Bondi Vet Team


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