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Why does my dog regurgitate all her food?

Our 6 month old kelpie x ridgeback keeps regurgitating her food. She was the runt of the litter and left her mum far too young and ever since she came to us she hasn't been able to keep food or water down. None of it is ever digested and a sign of when she is about to regurgitate is a pouch like build up in her throat. She is severely underweight and is unable to put any weight on because the food isn't physical making it to the stomach, regardless of whether it's solid or liquid form. She's extremely weak and currently in a pet hospital and we need help urgently. She's seen several vets and none of them have any idea of what's wrong with her


1 Answer


I can understand your concern – your kelpie x sounds very unwell. Regurgitation at such a young age along with weight loss and weakness require thorough investigation for a congenital problem with her throat oesophagous, stomach or nervous system.

I would recommend seeing an internal medicine specialist in your area (either ask your vet who they recommend or search the internet for veterinary internal medicine specialists). They are very experienced in dealing with unusual or complex cases and have highly advanced knowledge.

Best of luck with your little girl.


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