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What to do about my puppys hip defect?

Hi, We have a 6 month old puppy, Barney (unsure of breed, but possibly staffy X bulldog) and when he was playing with his brother (45kg Mastiff) he hurt his back left leg. After 2 weeks of the leg not improving we got an X-ray that showed a defect in his hip, either hereditry or from a fracture that stopped blood flow when he was first born. We have had a Vet look at it and we are tossing up our options. We are thinking amputation may be the best option for us financially (as myself and my husband both run our own business) and realistic for Barney to live a long pain free life. Barney doesn't appear to be in pain all the time, however won't put too much/no weight on his back left leg. We can't go for a big walk and he can't seem to run and play for long without pain or his limp becoming worse. We are currently taking pain relief to manage pain. As it seems to be getting worse every day he grows I would love to do something about it sooner rather than later to he can adapt while he is still young, especially if amputation is the best option. Just contacting to ask if you think this is the best option or have any other suggestions for us or any advice on a vet that could help us out. We live in Newcastle, NSW. We are more than happy to travel for him to receive the best care and a picture of the X-ray can be provided. Anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated, Erica


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