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What should we do now?

our 3 yr old cat has been caged for 7weeks due to a broken leg ( was hit by a car), he still isnt putting alot of weight on his leg..although is moving around but mainly hops. Should we leave him in cage for longer or should he be trying to walk on it more to strengthen it? He cannot jump or lift himself up at all. He doesnt seem to be in pain but clearly getting sick of the cage. Thanks for any advise.


1 Answer


I am sorry to hear your cat was hit by a car. Just like with humans, broken bones in our pets can take a while to heal properly.

Assuming the cage rest was recommended to you by a vet I would have a chat with the vet again and discuss options for moving forward. It is important that when the time is right for your cat to be left out of the cage, that exercise is monitored and gradually built up (if that is at all possible!)

Cage rest can be tedious sometimes but unfortunately our pets don’t understand that sometimes this is the best thing for them. Fingers crossed he is moving around normally very soon!


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