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What should i do?

Hi! I know this is odd but its worth a try. This would be my most unforgettable new year because of him. I can't afford to take him to the vet. ( i know i'm a bad parent, i agreed to take him but yet can't afford to get his meds. Sorry) I think he is slowly drifting away from me and i can't take it anymore. He keeps on vomitting but he never eat anything just keep on drinking water. He already lost his appetite, keep in standing, walking and not sleeping. :( Just please please please do include him in your prayers...Thank you! Happy New Year and more blessings to come, bondi vet!! 🎉🎆


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Vomiting is the result of a number of different issues. A vet is trained to identify what might be causing the issue, so you need to take your pet to see one as soon as possible.

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