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What is the cause of skin irritation

my dpg tommy suffers from skin issues and im unsure what the cause may be. I been to a regular vet but unfortunatley it isnt helping me much regarding the issue and how to solve it since the cause is unknown. What could this be. He has skin irritations that turn severe resulting in flaky raw sore skin in his thigh area and leg area also occurs to hair loss. His fur isnt the best abit rough for a staffy type dog and occasionally gets red rashes throughout his skin. Medication works well anti inflammatory tablets but i would like to know the cause of this type of issue. Im assuming it may be food allergies however his not showing signs that may be food since its usually a period of 6 'onths when it occurs and would also end up with tiny lumps that have bloody puss inside which i get cleaned. The vet couldnt find anything inside the lump when a surgery was arranged. Im in need of hel


1 Answer

Skin disease can be extremely frustrating for everyone involved! The problem with skin irritation or dermatitis is that there are many different causes that can present with the same type of rash and distribution.

Some of the common causes of itchy skin and rashes like those you’re describing in your poor Tommy are flea allergy, contact allergy, food allergy and atopy.

The problem is that without a methodical, diligent trial to rule out each possibility one by one, you will probably never work out the cause! I would suggest talking to your vet and explaining that you’d like to get to the bottom of the problem and conduct some trials (if they haven’t already been done) to work through the possible causes. You could also ask about omega fatty acid supplements to improve the quality of Tommy’s coat and specialised shampoo’s and conditions. Anti-inflammatories are fantastic at treating the itch but long term use is usually avoided.

Fortunately in recent years new drugs have become available to treat skin disease. These may or may not be suitable for Tommy but certainly worth investigating through your veterinarian.


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