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What is the best way to help a Beagle Cross to not be jealous of my eight month old Great Nephew?

My nephew Andrew, owns a four year old Beagle Cross named Tesla, she's pretty good actually with all the family. Christmas day, she met my great nephew William(eight months), for the first time.

She was okay until Andrew held William. Tesla barked twice and seemed to say " okay, I'm over here." Andrew handled it well, he gave William to Paula (William's mum) and then picked up Tesla and spoke to her softly. She settled down until Andrew picked William up later on. Tesla barked again. William was handed over to his Dad, Domenico. Andrew picked up Tesla again and introduced her to William. She ended licking Will's hand which he was okay with.Will Andrew's solution fix the possibility of more jealousy?


1 Answer

Make sure that Andrew is incorporating Tesla in everyday life, just has he would have before William arrived. A new baby basically means an additional member to the pack. Neglecting Tesla will mean he gets his nose bent out of shape. At the same time I would not pick him up when he barks. This will make him think when he barks he gets attention.


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