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What is the best age to desex my dog?

I have a borderemma, maremma cross border collie, female, she is quite big and boisterous! Not sure the best age to get her desexed. I keep getting mixed information from breeders. She has the chracreristics and size of the maremma breed and only has the border collie exact markings.


2 Answers


The recommended age to desex your dog is anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. The earlier the better, with 6 weeks being as early as you should be doing it. That is only recommended, so if you're dog is older than 6 months, it won't be an issue to get her desexed.

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My belief is that you ALWAYS get pets desexed the earliest as possible, which is typically at 6 weeks of age. If you do it before they reach sexual maturity, you'll have at least two benefits. One, they won't be burdened with those hormones EVER & won't learn to submit to them, like running into streets or running away to sniff out a mate. Two, you cut their chances of getting cancer of things like the mammary glands by half & certainly cut the chance of reproductive cancer by 100 percent. If you're not planning on showing your pet, you should ALWAYS get them spayed/neutered asap so they can live the longest & healthiest life possible.


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