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what happenned to my cat?

My 5 y.o. cat suddenly fell ill after going into our back yard for the toilet. The vet said he had hypovolaemic shock, respiratory distress and mild dehydration. Despite me asking them to do blood tests first due to financial constraints, after stabilising him they started with radiographs which showed his lungs had extensive alveolar pattern over both lung fields no evidence of plural effusion or masses so they think most likely he suffered some form of trauma a fall, MVA or possibly evenomation. To my knowledge he has never been in the road before so something must have happened in our garden. They advised me he responded well to oxygen, fluids and supportive care however, suddenly deteriorated and passed away. Please advise what treatment he should have received for these symptoms? Would blood tests have given indication he had a snake bite? It is mind distressing now knowing what happened to him.


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