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What can I do for my cat.

My 5-7th old cat is suddenly having trouble emptying his bladder. He has tried at least 6 times today that I have observed and he is very vocal just before he tries. He eats mainly dry food but last 2 weeks has been having small tin of wet. He has fresh water every day. Could this be a sign of kidney problems and is there any thing I can do? He is a big cat, long body and legs and weighs about 7kg. Your help will be greatly appreciated, Janiene


1 Answer

Hi Janiene,

I’m sorry to hear that about your cat. From what you’ve mentioned, it seems like your cat is showing symptoms of kidney problems. Signs of which include litter box aversion & constipation.

I would recommend for you to see your local Vet and get your cat checked properly. From there, they’ll be able to give you a definite next step.



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