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What are my options

Our 2 year old welsh springer started sneezing and snorting. We thought that he had snorted up something in his nose. The vet tried to wash it out & discovered that some of the bone in his nose had been eaten away. The vet sent some of the material cleaned out of the nose for pathology thinking that it may have been cancerous. The pathology thankfully came back as clear of cancer but non discript of what it was. The vet put Loki on antibiotics however this has not worked. The vet suggested we now go to get an MRI. We were quoted between $2200.00 & $2600.00 + any surgery which has the potential to be quite a bit more.Unfortunately we are unable to afford this & we have already spent $1200.00. We do not begrudge the expenditure as we love our dog dearly but we are anxious to find some other solution other than what we are dreading. Loki is happy in himself still eating ok & he and our other dog Bailey still play but it is getting worse he is sneezing, and sounds like a chortling sound leaves us feeling horrible & appears to be starting to affect his breathing, it is now we are beginning to feel extremely concerned for our puppy's wellbeing. We are talking to another vet for another opinion & of course asking you. If there is any information or advice at all that you could give us we would sincerely appreciate it.

Kind regards Cathy


1 Answer


Hi Cathy, thanks so much for your question. Your poor Welsh Springer. At present you're doing the right thing by speaking with your Vet, they are the best a giving you options for your Springer. Hopefully this helps.


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