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We want HELP for our beloved Dog with a stomach Tumour

Hi, We are reaching out to you to ask for your help and guidance.

Our English Staffy Roxy who is about 10 yrs old and still very vibrant, has been getting larger in her stomach area.

We finally decided we needed to get it checked out, knowing that there may be something seriously wrong. Our local vet confirmed that it was a tumor with an ultra sound and x-ray. which also showed a growth in her left lung. This explains why walks are tiring for her after awhile.

He advised us some options which are costly and in our situation it saddens us that we could not afford to send her for a MRI in Sydney to see which organ is feeding the tumor and for further investigations with the operations needed.

Would you be interested in helping us?

We live in Avoca Beach Central Coast. I can send through some photo's.


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