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URGENT! Swallowing problems

Hello, Bondi Vet team!

I'm in a desperate need of your help... The whole thing lies in that on Friday 12 I noticed my kitty's health deteriorated: lethargy, the absence of appetite, temperature rise (41.1 C), salivation that he couldn't swallow, but there are neither vomit, nor diarrhea. First I suggested he could get poisoned with some food. Next day on Saturday 13 we visited our local vet clinic, our vet said it might well be one of cat infections even in spite of that fact my cat is vaccinated (the last vaccination we made right before sterilization about a month ago). Thus the vet made some antiviral injections, and I gave my kitty some antipyretics to reduce fever and some antiviral pills as well. Today on Sunday 14 I keep on giving him all the medicines the vet advised, and some vitamins in addition. He's feeling better, have become more active, normal body temperature, no salivation any longer, BUT we've faced another problem, he obviously wants to eat but can't swallow food. The tip of his tongue reddened, inflamed. Little sores formed on the tip of his tongue which must be causing him pain and burning sensation, and as a result he is having difficulties with swallowing and chewing food. So, I have to feed him only by means of a pipette or using a tiny spoon. According to all symptoms we think it may well be calicivirus.

My cat is 9 monthes old, male, a housecat (goes out on rare occasions).

So, please, help me out with your advice... What am I supposed to do to get rid of those painful sores on his tongue? And how to prevent their further formation? What can you recommend to do for him to get better?

Thank you in advance!


1 Answer


Hi there,

Thank you for your question. I’m sorry to hear your kitten has not been very well recently. With the symptoms you have described, Feline Calicivirus could certainly be a cause, and it seems your vet is probably thinking the same based on the treatment he has prescribed. The ulcers your kitty has now developed on his tongue will be very painful for him and because of this he won’t feel like eating properly. I would advise revisiting your vet who will be able to draw up an appropriate treatment plan for him. Your kitten will require pain relief and may need supportive treatment such as fluids. Sometimes a feeding tube may need to be placed to ensure he gets adequate nutrition whist the ulceration settles. It seems you are very caring and dedicated owners, so together with your veterinarians’ advice, I am sure you can help your kitten back to recovery quickly.

Good Luck!

Dr Laura


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