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URGENT Jimmy's the Cats Last Chance...

we are in Ballina, north coast of new south wales. We have a rescue kitten for in October 2014, which went missing last June he was gone for eight days.He sustained a tail pull injury leaving him unable to urinate on his own. It was recommend we euthanaise. We want to give him a chance... so we opted to learn to express his bladder ourselves, and have done so now for seven months, with not infection or complications he lives an otherwise happy healthy life. He is a special cat as he filled a gap after our dogs we got as pups from the rspca in 1998, eventually left the family with a gapping hole at age 15 and 17. You see our son has severe autism and had not known life without a fury friend and it left him distraught... Jimmy the cat was the first cat I or anyone in the family had ever share our life with, he is filling that space and while we what for the placement of our sons special autism assistance dog from Smart Pups, which will be with us in May sometime. We have a problem, we have a long needed family vacation booked, Jimmy has not recovered his ability to weewee, independently, we have scoured the internet and have not found anyone else in the world that had done this for there furry friend who can, we do not want to put him to sleep and can not find a solution for his care, is there any affordable surgical options, what can we do PLEASE PLEASE HELP.


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Thank you for sharing your story about little Jimmy, you are certainly very dedicated owners!

Tail pull injuries are nasty and the resultant damage to nerves controlling urination can be devastating. With time, affected cats can improve or even regain the ability to empty their bladder but manual bladder expression is required in the meantime. In my experience most owners of these cats successfully learn to express their cats bladder so you're certainly not alone!

I can understand how important Jimmy is to your son and family and if he is otherwise happy and healthy according to your vet then their is certainly no reason to consider euthanasia.

In regards to your vacation, I would suggest calling Jimmy's veterinary clinic and inquiring if they provide medical boarding for their patients. Many veterinary clinics are happy to board animals that have special medical needs such as Jimmy. This would allow him to remain safe and comfortable while you're away and if there are any problems he will be in the right place for them to be recognized and treated promptly.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday!

Dr Mel


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