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Total Hip Replacement in a 10 year old Border Collie?

I have an amazing 10 year old border collie who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis at 6 years old. He has been having courses of Zydax injections, a special mobility diet and Glyde since then which is starting to not be enough, he is also kept slim and has daily 30 minute walks. He has started his second course of anti-inflammatories this year as the last course of Zydax didn't work as well, which is not ideal long term as I understand. Our vet has recommended a total hip replacement. The issue for me is that my dog has fear aggression towards vets, he hyperventilates and is under enormous stress at each visit despite having vets try to help him overcome his fears over the last few years (he had an injury at 12 months and was kept a vet for a few nights and has never been the same since). I am worried that at his age this operation could place him under incredible stress and I wonder whether that risk is worth it. My boy is still happy, not limping or in pain very often and has a wonderful life at present and I know our vet is thinking of the future of a dog with hip dysplasia and arthritis and I know a THR would solve this completely , but what do you think about his stress levels and being 10 years old? Its such a huge operation?


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Hi @Mandyferrie

Thanks for for question - So sorry to hear that your Border Collie is having a tough time.

Your Vet's advise is there to give you clarity on the situation. If your buddy isn't the best when visiting the Vet, you could ask for a personal visit from a local Vet in your area, as this may help your Collie feel more relaxed when having a check-up and your Vet can advise on any other solutions without putting fear into your dog that they might usually have when in the clinic.



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