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Staffy with storm anxiety

we are beside ourselves with worry about our new 6yr old boy. We've discovered that he.knows bad weather is coming as.much as an hr before it hits (not even 'bad' weather really).

He panics. He will tear everything up. He will escape if he can so we have had to pen him. He moves the pen and has gotten so frantic he has harmed himself. We've tried some gentle natural type remedies and now we have valium for him which takes a tiny bit od the edge off but he ia still frantic and we are so worried about him hurting himself worse than before. He latest injury was he ripped a dew claw off.

In his past (before he came to us ) he has broken 3 canines and had to have the surgically removed.

Can you offer any suggestions that we could try or investigate.

(His sister seems to be ok and she watches him as though ahe thinks he's loopy.)




1 Answer

Hi Sarah,

I’m sorry to hear about this. With storm phobia, there isn’t a simple fix as all dogs are different. Some tips that you can bear in mind are to reward calm behaviour year round, give you dog a safe place to go during a storm such as a basement where the dog can’t see or hear its surroundings / an interior room with music playing, a snug garment or in the winter, play sounds of storms from a computer at a level not to frighten them, whilst also playing games and giving treats, subtly increasing the sound over time.

This last one may not be successful, as it doesn’t replicate the other factors that come from storms. It can pay off to visit your local vet as they may recommend a type of medication if they feel that this particular instance requires it. This medication could benefit your dog even if only given in the morning of a day that’s expecting a storm. Your local vet should be able to inform you of that.

Here’s a link to a vet tip article posted by Bondi Vet regarding this topic.

Hope this helps


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