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Snake bites and dogs

Hi there Dr Chris and the Bondi Vet Team -

This is a bit out of the norm!!! We are two "city slickers" who have recently (August 2016) moved to the country, along with our two beautiful corgis. They just love the country change and are even trying to be real "farm dogs" and ride in the back of the ute (only when on the property of course - when on the open road they still sit very comfy in the back seat with the AC going).

Our question is in relation to snake bites.

We previously lived on the Gold Coast and are now in Karara (Southern Downs SE Queensland) Before our move we used to shave/clip Billi and Bella (our corgis) every summer. Since our move and the possibility of more snake activity we have thought that perhaps leaving their coats long will give them some protection from "potential snake bites".

Can you please advise if we are just kidding ourselves or not. Should we just clip them as usual to give them some relief from the heat - or are we correct in thinking that their longer coats will give them some protection from snake bites???

Love your show and look forward to your response to our query.

King regards;

Audrey and Grant Watson

Eagles Nest Farm18079 Cunningham HighwayKarara Qld 4352

0438 005767 (Audrey mobile)0412 130795 (Grant mobile)


1 Answer


Hi Audrey and Grant,

Congratulations on your move and thanks for watching the show. It sounds like your two Corgies are lapping up the country life, which is great to hear. With regard to snake bites, I can understand your concern in rural Qld especially.

I am a strong advocate of clipping a dog’s coat in summer if it makes them more comfortable as many imported dog breeds in Australia have coats that are completely unsuitable for our hot summer climate. A snake’s bite will penetrate clothing as well as hair so keeping your little furkids coat’s long probably won’t help when it comes to an encounter with a snake.

If you think that they need their summer clip then I wouldn’t hesitate to go ahead with it, you also get the added bonus of being able to more easily check their coats for ticks and foreign bodies such as grass seeds.


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