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Skin irritation, vet says she might have to be put down.

Hello, I really need help or understanding of something that’s happening to my short-haired border collie. She is 10 years old and has had a weird skin irritation for maybe 3 months now, she bites her skin so much she starts bleeding and scabbing everywhere. The vet told us to put a cone on her and disinfect her wounds, which we did and when she couldn't reach the back of her because of the cone she started to bite her feet. Her feet became so red raw and swollen that she couldn't walk on them so we had to put a much bigger cone on her, the vet gave us special medicated dog biscuits to feed her and she could only eat those. The bigger cone has stopped her from being able to bite her feet but she still try’s to lick the through the cone which still causes soreness. The back of her hind legs are always open wounds because of her bed sticking to her skin, it’s the most dreadful thing to watch because I know she’s still so alive inside and the vet has told us if it goes on the best thing to do will be to put her down. She’s not ready to go, she’s still healthy and energetic it’s just this irritation that’s stopping her. I know she can get over this we just need someone to really help her, we are all trying our hardest and it’s breaking our hearts more and more each day. If there’s anything you know or could help us it would mean more than the world, thank you!


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Hello there,

This is such a distressing story to read… I am so sorry you are in this situation with your darling Border Collie… My heart aches for you…

Unfortunately, without seeing your dog and getting a full history of what has been going on I cannot give you any practical help... What I would say is that if she has a skin condition that cannot be managed I would suggest seeking the advice of a specialist small animal dermatologist. I am sure your vet would be happy to refer you to one considering the situation you are in… They are going to be the most equipped to get to the bottom of why this is occurring and any further investigation or medical treatment options that you can try to make her more comfortable and hopefully resolve the problem.

I hope you can get some further help with your darling… This must be a very upsetting time for you and I hope you are ok. Let us know how you get on with the dermatologist ok?

Warm wishes,

Dr Danni


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