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Should I get my puppy desexed

Hi Bondi Vet

We have a 6 month old Papillion and we were wondering whether or not we should get him desexed. We have heard that desexing can alter their personality we don't what that to happen as our lightning Bolt has a very happy and social personality and we don't want that to change. We understand that it is healthier and better for them to get desexed but we don't want his personality to change.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience kind regards Stavros and Kiki


1 Answer



It is a common myth that desexing changes your pet's personality. With their temperament no longer driven by their hormones, you will see some slight changes, but this mainly results in a more pleasant dog.

The health and behavioural benefits for male dogs to be desexed includes, being less aggressive, less roaming from your home, more focused, reduced risk of prostate disease, prevents risk of testicular cancer and a lower risk of some tumours.

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