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Shaking dog

My dog is a one year old chihuahua cross Pomeranian and she is always shaking. Is this normal for her?

Also when she drinks or eats sometimes after this she starts to make choking noises and can see her stomach heaving but nothing is ever bought up. Once again is this normal


2 Answers

Hi, more information is required to determine the cause of the shaking. Dogs can shake for many reasons eg: health issues, anxiety, excitement or just being cold. I would recommend a Health check be performed by your vet.

As for the choking, does your dog eat very fast? Does it choke after every meal or drink? Does it cough? Or have exercise intollerance? Again, there are many possible reasons for this and it sounds like a physical exam is warranted to find out the cause. Hope this helps.



Shaking or trembling can indicate several different things in dogs including, feeling cold, excitement, fear, general tremor syndrome, weakness, pain, nausea, organ failure, Addison’s disease or poisoning. If your little 1 year old Chihuahua has always shown this symptom then a visit to your vet will allow many of these possibilities to be ruled out through examination and a possible blood test.

If your little Chihuahua is a speedy eater and drinker then this may be the sole cause for her chocking noise however it can also indicate the presence of more serious conditions such a collapsing trachea, laryngeal or oesophageal disease, tonsillitis and heart disease. I would recommend taking a short video of your little girls chocking episode to assist your veterinarian with a diagnosis, they will also need to perform a full physical examination and possible X-rays to asses her airways, heart and lungs.


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