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Save our cat

We have a 12 normal years old cat. We adopted him from the rescue place. His a very cuddly ginger Tom cat, he is a very much loved family pet. Unfortunately, being a rescue cat he has come with his own health issues. One being a small hernia, but also what we've been told arthritis on his hip. His being having cartropin injections for a number of years, he is now starting to decline more and our local vet is suggesting to keep him comfortable and happy until the time arrives to consider quality of life. I trust our local vet, but I want to in heart know that I've tried every avenue humanilly possible before we make that decision. Please if you have any suggestions medications, operations etc. please note we've had no X-rays done, just physical examination


2 Answers


Hi Vanessa,

I am sorry to hear about your darling rescue cat having trouble with his hips… I know exactly how you feel, wanting to make sure you have exhausted every avenue before making a very difficult decision…

I would definitely encourage you to have an open conversation with your vet about how you are feeling… I think getting some x-rays of his hips and possibly other areas (eg. spine), depending on his clinical signs/pain, would be a good first step. Once it has been established that his pain is due to osteoarthritis in his hips (and not another cause) then certainly medical management is one option, but you could always ask whether referral to a specialist small animal surgeon would be an option for him. It is important to know the entire medical picture of your darling to know the risks/benefits of different options, so definitely chat to your lovely vet about this. There may be reasons unknown to me that make this option not advisable.

I hope this has helped you going forwards with your little mate. Let us know how you get on with your vet. I am sure they will be more than happy to chat to you about all of your options.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

Dr Danni


Thank you Dr Danni, we will get x-rays done. I'll keep you updated with the results.


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