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Roosters Claws

My Rooster has very long claws which is effecting the way he walks. I am not sure how to remove them as I was told cutting them may cause the claw to splinter and injure him. I also think his eyesight is no longer very well so I would like to have them removed, is this something I can do at home myself?


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Thank you for your question!

Yes, you can trim your rooster's claws at home but I would advise that it's a 2 man job, one to hold your long toed feathered friend and and one to do the trimming!

The best tool to use are nail trimmers, preferably the pet nail trimmers/grooming tool designed for dogs.

If you have more than one rooster/chicken, I recommend that you trim all your birds at the same time.

Keep on hand some cornflower or normal flour to stop any bleeding, together with kitchen paper or cotton wool. A bowl of warm water, a clean cloth and hand sanitiser.

If the rooster's nails are extremely long, they will need to be trimmed over a period of several weeks. As the nail grows, so does the quick. If the quick is cut, the nail will begin to bleed and it is very important to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. A long nail will have a long quick and this makes trimming very difficult. The quick will shrink as the nail is trimmed shorter, which is why the nails cannot be trimmed in one session.

Set up a small table or an upside down bucket. Have your trimmers cleaned and ready. Wrap the bird in a towel with its wings secured. If possible hold the nail up to the light so that the quick is visible and you can see where to cut. A week later, check the nail to find out how much the quick has receded, if the nail can be trimmed without getting too close to the quick, then do so. Repeat this process until the rooster's nails are at the proper length. I hope this helps and good luck with your feathered friend!

Dr. Alex Hynes


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