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Recently qualified vet nurse deserving a tour

My beautiful sister just qualified as a Vet Nurse via online support with distinction results. Do you know how hard that is to achieveShe is a very passionate professional and would have gone all the way to being a vet if she just had the chance. All she wants now to top off her natural ability with animals is to meet Bondi Vet and see in the flesh the good things you guys are doing so she can champion this into her world of a gift which she has with animals.I just want to see talented people continue to deliver the right connection and treatment to animals as she does so selflessly.Please give her hope I will pay for her flights in order to arrive in Sydney but my wish is for her to please have a tour of your amazing space and be inspired by the good work you are already delivering. It would cost you nothing, but inspire a very talented professionalIt will give recent qualified vet nurse a chance to feel inspired and want to deliver quality treatment to those animals who may not have had a chance. She has always wanted to meet Bondi Vet himself please give her this chance.Please understand her passion. I'm begging you for a personal tour of what you have achieved in order to inspire her.Looking forward to your feedbackEmma Graham0487 663 105


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