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Pls help with our kitten not letting me sleep


Our adopted kitten won't let me sleep at night. I moved her little cute bed upstairs next to the steps but it won't stop her pulling the carpets off ripping them to get me open the door. My alarm goes off at 6am but she is driving me nuts. I try to put her in my room but scratches the bed edges it's very expensive bed I haven't paid it off yet. Then rips the carpets while in my room. I just need help with her letting me sleep. Could you kindly help me please I really need help thanks :)))


1 Answer


Hiya! Sorry to hear about your little kitten - Unfortunately there are no quick wins to getting a kitten to settle into a new environment. When they’re not snoozing, they can be very active due to their ancestors (wildcats) being nocturnal creatures.

You can try giving your buddy a main meal just before you go to bed, as cats do tend to sleep after a big dinner.

Also, ensure your kitten has plenty of activities throughout the day to keep her active; this may also help to tire the little furry out, so that you can sleep!

It will get easier over time as the kitten begins to grow, but it does take patience.

Good Luck!


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