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Please help my cat Skippy

5 days ago I noticed my kitty's eye colour changed a darker shade. Looking up close I noticed his cornea had a 2mm / 2.5mm light graze. He showed no signs of pain or discomfort. He's an indoor pet and is terrified of outdoors. Considering his age I decided to wait out a few days to see if it showed any signs of improvement.

Morning of day 4 (7/8/2016) it remained the same. Me and my son made the decision to take him to the vet the following day. His eye wasn't getting any better or worse. He was playful, had a regular appetite, just being the curious kitty he'd always been.Around 8pm (day 4) I came back home from shopping. I walked into my room and noticed a few drops of blood on my bed. I found him sitting inside the littler box curled up crying. His poor eye was covered in thick gunky discharge and blood. His iris has a little blood inside too.10pm, me and my son took him to an emergency vet where he was given a clean, steroid injection, Amoxyclav tablets, an eye drop to dilate his pupil, and Chloropt cream for the eye.He is in a lot of paint. Won't eat or drink. His injury may have resulted from bumping into something. He could be facing a bacterial infection, glaucoma, eye herpes and the list goes on.I took him to 2 vets today (8/8/2016) for second opinions. He was given a dose of Temgesic for pain relief (I have a few more syringes 1 for day 1 for night).Tomorrow he is booked for NORTH SHORE VETERINARY SPECIALIST CENTRE.I used a syringe to give him some water, and fed him a few small pieces of chicken and canned food. He has no appetite or thirst and wont go to the toilet.

Please help me save my kitty :'(He's been a part of my family for 15 years. I need to know if there are any treatments available as surgery may be too hard on his little body.This is a recent pic I took. Chloropt cream is on the outside of the eye, middle is a fragment discharge. His eye tears up really quick. Very sensitive to clean the area. He's starting to become afraid of me :(


1 Answer


Hi there,

I am so sorry to hear that Skippy is having a tough time at the moment. Poor little man. I am sorry he seems to be afraid of you- quite often with eye pain, animals can become very head shy when applying treatment or trying to clean the area. This should resolve once the eye is better. The treatment Skippy will require will be determined by the diagnosis that is reached. By taking Skippy to a specialist, he will be sure to get the best care and they will be able to examine him properly and come up with a treatment plan that is most suitable for him taking his age and other factors into consideration.

I wish you the best and hope Skippy is back to normal very soon.

Dr Laura


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