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American Bulldog 'Zarli' - We have tried everything and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to fix my dogs skin. We have been told she is allergic to the sun, an albino and we bought her a sun suit that didn't work at all. we have tried keeping her out of the sun. We have tried every cream and ointment she has been prescribed. Also every tablet/medication possible and nothing has worked. Recently we have tried using 'black salve' which ate away a lump but seemed quite uncomfortable for my little girl and the lump grew back a while after please help us to fix her skin as you can see from the scarring this has been happening her whole life and we are running out of options. Also we own her father and he has no skin problems and is a fully White American bulldog.


1 Answer

Have you looked at eliminating items from her diet? My dog is sensitive to wheat - even to the point of when feeding her chicken which may have been fed wheat, she starts to scratch herself badly and gets ear infections.


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