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patella problem

hi my dog chihuahua have a problem with his patella some vets says he need surgery some say no

what is better for him ?


1 Answer


Hi there,

Thank you for your query. I am sorry to hear your chihuahua is having problems with his patella. You haven’t specified the exact problem however I’m assuming that he has a luxating patella. The patella is a small bone that sits in a groove, forming the front of the knee joint. In some dogs the patella can dislocate out of the joint. When this happens, the dog is unable to extend the knee joint properly. You may have noticed a ‘skipping’ lameness in your dog, where he limps for a few steps before returning to normal. This is characteristic of a luxating patella.

Depending on the degree of lameness and how painful your dog is will determine the best type of treatment for your dog.

Surgical and non-surgical options are available. Non-surgical treatment involves body weight management, physiotherapy, tailored exercise and pain medication. Surgical options are usually chosen for those dogs with a persistent lameness as a result of the luxation. There are several different techniques that can be used. Aftercare involves rest (usually 6 weeks minimum cage rest), pain medication and over time a gradual buildup of exercise.

As you can see unfortunately there is no black and white answer to your query. I would chat to your vet who will be happy to answer any questions you have about what is the best way forward for your little one.

Good Luck J


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