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Our sore blue heeled

Good morning,

Our beloved 5 year old Blue Heeler Fitzy has been in a lot of pain over the last month in his back right leg/hip area. He has had every scan possible done on his body at our local vet and nothing seems to be wrong. He has previously been on muscle inflammation medication to see if that would help him but that didn't work either. If we touch his right leg/hip area he yelps in tremendous pain. It has now become so bad that he cannot walk or move properly, and he constantly now has his right leg perched up. During the night if he moves he yelps in pain also. It has obviously become quite distressing for my partner and I and we just don't know what else to do. We have received 2 local vets advise and they both are puzzled by his behaviour and leg. They have literally said to us they have no idea what is wrong with him and that we should now go and see a dog orthopaedic specialist. My partners mum recommended me to email yourselves and Dr Chris Brown to seek some more advise before going further with this.

I would really appreciate your time and consideration of this matter, we love our gorgeous dog Fitzy and any help or advise is much appreciated.

Thank you

Kind regards

Sophie Waldram


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