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Nose problems Australian Labradoodle

For 2 years now my dog (Australian Labradoodle) has a nose problem. It started with reverse sneezing and now the vet says it’s become chronical non specific Rhinitis.The vet has done scopes of the nose 3 times, CT scans of the nose, brain and her teeth (they thought she had a fistula from the nose to a tooth). Antibiotics: Synulox, Rhiningenta (that does help some), and more antibiotics, prednord 20 mg (but that made it worse) but they can’t find anything and nothing really helps. I live in the Netherlands and a few weeks ago I saw Bondi vet season 7 episode 2 and that was about an Australian Labradoodle with Lymphatic Plasmatic Rhinitis. Could you tell me if there is a cure for it?

Yours sincerely Josine Verboom


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