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Nose problems Australian Labradoodle

For 2 years now my dog (Australian Labradoodle) has a nose problem. It started with reverse sneezing and now the vet says it’s become chronical non specific Rhinitis.The vet has done scopes of the nose 3 times, CT scans of the nose, brain and her teeth (they thought she had a fistula from the nose to a tooth). Antibiotics: Synulox, Rhiningenta (that does help some), and more antibiotics, prednord 20 mg (but that made it worse) but they can’t find anything and nothing really helps. I live in the Netherlands and a few weeks ago I saw Bondi vet season 7 episode 2 and that was about an Australian Labradoodle with Lymphatic Plasmatic Rhinitis. Could you tell me if there is a cure for it?

Yours sincerely Josine Verboom


1 Answer


Hi Josine,

Thank you for your question!

I’m sorry to hear that your girl has been suffering with this condition for so long. It sounds like your vet has done some extensive tests to try to identify the cause and the best treatment to help her.

Lymphocytic plasmacytic rhinitis is an immune mediated condition of the upper airway that is characterised by reverse sneezing and nasal discharge and is often linked to underlying allergies such as to pollens or other inhaled irritants.

Biopsies are usually taken during the scope procedures which are used to aid diagnosis and help rule out other conditions such as fungal disease. Because it is related to an overactive immune system treatment requires immunosuppressive medication and sometimes antibiotics to treat the secondary nasal infections all of which is sounds like you have tried.

It can be an incredibly frustrating condition to manage and is often a matter of trying different treatments to find out what gives the most relief of symptoms for your pup.

- Dr. Alex Hynes


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