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Please explain HOW you will choose the new Bondi Vet.. Will there be ONE ,or will you pick a few? Will YOU decide who wins? {after all it is a commercial decision} OR will you allow the public votes to decide?? [ i think the vote could be easily rigged].. I commiserate with you people -- there are a lot of deserving vets applying .. The decision is a tough one..


1 Answer


Hi Baroona56,

Thank you for your question, it sure will be a tough decision!

The vet with the most public votes will receive a place in our top 5, with the other four being selected by our panel of experts. The vet chosen as the new Bondi Vet will be decided by many factors including; their on screen talent, their personality, their popularity, their charisma, their engagement with their clients and fans, their veterinary qualification and of course they will meet with the show’s producers before a final decision is made.

We love all the vets in the top 50 and they all made outstanding nomination videos – as well as the many others that took part. We are very proud to be showing off all these amazing Australian vets.

Thanks for being a fan! Stay tuned.


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