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Needing Help.


My Name is Rachel, and I'm needing advice as to what dog would best suit me. I have a physical disability, I can walk and drive a car. I use crutches when I'm outdoors, but when I'm at home a I can walk around without them. I wear a caliper on my left leg. I have always wanted to have a dog as a companion, but I am not sure what breed would be best. My activity levels are ok, but I couldn't say that I am able to go for long walks. I have a park across from me, that is dog friendly. I live alone now, and I am 52. I hope someone can help me.


Rachel Simpson


1 Answer

I would get in contact with a local Dog Rescue Facility. I am sure that they will find the perfect companion for you especially as you have no particular breed in mind opens up a endless options.


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