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My staffy has dermatitis on his paws


My 2 year old blue staffy has dermatitis on his paws.. its really bad on his right paw he is OCD licking it all the time I feel so sorry for him I want to help relief the itch..

My previous vet gave me norcoe cream and I constantly use malaseb shampoo on his paws to try and reduce the inflammation. My vet has told me he is allergic to some sort of grass. I have recently just moved back to SYD from the Gold Coast and Billy was always in the salt water as you can take your dogs to the beach in QLD. I think the salt water kept the reaction at bay but now I cant seem to keep the redness and swelling down on his paw.

Is there any natural solutions I can use to help relief this constant itch for him, I have read iodine diluted in water might help??

Please help me help Billy

Regards Heidi Horan


3 Answers

My dog used to get the same thing, although she did not lick as much as yours is I dont think. I used to wipe her feet down after a walk to remove any pollen.


I have heard that an iodine bath will work to reduce the itchiness. Dilute it to the colour of ice tea and make him stand in there for 5 minutes. Make sure you check the amount you need comparable to the amount of water.



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Hi Heidi,

Billy is certainly not alone - many dogs suffer from chronically itchy feet!

The tricky part is in determining the cause of itchy feet. Often there will an infection of either bacteria, fungus or both. These little nasties tend to make the itch and the compulsion to lick, worse. Unfortunately licking keeps the area moist and surface bugs thrive in a warm moist environment (like between the toes!). So the cycles goes on... Some dogs have an underlying allergic component to the problem and the infection comes later. Allergies can be to grasses and plants that the feet come into contact with (eg. wandering jew) or due to inhaled irritants called allergens.

A consultation with your veterinarian is the best place to start. They may perform some tests to help determine the nature of any infection present and then prescribe the appropriate medications to clear the infection and control the itch.

Skin disease can be very frustrating for owners so I know how you feel! There is no simple solution and diagnosis is often a process of elimination which can take some time. However, if you're patient and methodical, follow your vet's instructions and remember that many skin conditions require ongoing management to be controlled, I have no doubt that Billy's obsessive licking will be sorted out in no time!


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