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My shar-pei gets itchy skin

my shar pei gets itchy skin and scratches it till it goes all patchy.


1 Answer


Shar-pei’s are lovely dogs but skin disease is certainly a common issue with the breed. Similarly they can also be prone to ear infections.

Itchy skin can have a great impact on the quality of a dog’s life and is something that can usually be managed with a methodical approach and thorough work up by your veterinarian.

The problem with skin irritation or dermatitis is that there are many different causes that can present with the same symptom. Some of the common causes of itchy skin are flea allergy, contact allergy, food allergy and atopy.

Determining which of these is the cause can take months but it is well worth it in the end as itchy skin is certainly better dealt with by determining the underlying cause rather than just treating the itch each time it appears.

I would suggest talking to your vet and explaining that you’d like to get to the bottom of the problem and conduct some trials (if they haven’t already been done) to work through the possible causes. You could also ask about omega fatty acid supplements to improve the quality of your Shar-pei’s coat and specialised shampoo’s and conditions. Anti-inflammatories are fantastic at treating the itch but long-term use is usually avoided. Fortunately in recent years new drugs have become available to treat skin disease. These may or may not be suitable for your dog but certainly worth investigating through your veterinarian.


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