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My dog has been shaking in pain for a month

our 5 year old Maltese shitzsu has been unwell for about 6 weeks now. A few days after her needles, not sure if it is related, she started yelling all the time, shaking constantly and unable to walk properly, and off her food. We though she might have hurt her leg so let her rest for a week inside then took her to the vet. He said she must have just hurt it and prescribed meloxicam. She has been on that for 3 weeks and the isn't helping as much any more, just randomly. She still shakes nearly all the time, acts like she is scared, won't solcialise, goes to the toilet either inside or on the door mat and just is off. I am concerned if I go back to the vet they will just tell me to wait it out again. She is a beautiful family dog and we are very concerned. Do you know anything that this could be?

The turner family


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