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My dog Angel is ten and has a large mass resting on her rectum

Ive had my Sharpei mix for ten years. I will try to text you a picture. She is my everything. I'm a 2 time cancer survivor and she spent two to three weeks trying to poop. I took her to the vet and 400 dollars later they sent her home with pain meds and antibiotics. I'm afraid it may take her life and that would absolutely kill me! Please call 8177214542 if you want to try and save her or ask questions. I am afraid she may be in pain and do not want that at all. She is off her meds now and is going to the bathroom but am afraid it will grow and cause a blockage that will cause a slow painful death. Please help me? God Bless you for all you do. Sincerely,

Elizabeth Wurzbach 817 721 4542 or 817 721 1619


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