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My Chihuahua wont use her leg after hind-leg break

There doesn't seem to be any pain (it's obviously uncomfortable for her when I stretch it out, due to muscle contraction), but she did use it for a while after the surgery, but now doesn't use it at all.

Interestingly, she won't let us out on any balconys (she'll bite and try and pull us back indoors), as she must relive the dangers of the tragic day she fell off!

I'd love to hear if people have had successful physiotherapy or laser sessions.

All thoughts welcome.


1 Answer

Your poor little dog! Whilst she is lucky that she survived her fall, I do feel for her regarding the post-traumatic stress symptoms she is displaying. These should be addressed as they may become worse with time.Answering your question regarding her unwillingness to use the leg, firstly we have to ensure that there is no pain and that any pins or screws used in the surgery are sound and sitting in place. A brief review with the surgeon and possible X-ray can rule this out. If all is well anatomically then a physiotherapist is the perfect next step. I often recommend physiotherapy for my patients after major orthopaedic surgery, especially if they are small and therefore able to get away with not using the leg.Physiotherapists will give you a program to do at home to slowly build muscle mass, relieve any trigger points or muscle cramping and increase confidence in using the leg again. They may also encourage the use of a water treadmill and swimming both of which gently encourage use of the leg and build muscle mass. Unfortunately, prolonged lameness of the leg can lead to permanent contraction so it’s best to act now and avoid long term loss of function of the leg.


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