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My Cavoodle is 2 yrs old now. Weight issue.

‘Chevy’... has put on quite a bit of weight over the past 6 months & despite walking him everyday, sometimes twice... he is still quite ‘big’... not alarming so; however he weighs approx 12kg. He is quite heavy to pick up.

He was apparently from a reputable breeder, however he is definitely not crossed with a toy or miniature poodle!

He is a beautiful loving, needy & very loyal dog.... loves my Ragdoll cat... best mates. He is so loved by everyone

I am just concerned about his weight... I feed him human grade mince as he does not seem to enjoy or eat dog food. A raw meaty bone is sometimes a treat for him.

He has a denta- stick daily... he is actually quite a small eater. I wouldn’t like him to grow any larger though. I call him my ‘fullback’... his markings seem to enhance his build!

Please advise me how to lower his weight?


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