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My cat eats fabrics

Dear Bondi Vet I am desperate for some help I have a Siamese cat who my kids adore but unfortunately she is driving me mental. She has eaten approximately 300 pairs of socks in two years. I worry she will get sick. She even opens draws to get to them. It doesn’t matter if they are clean, dry or dirty or new she gets them. Of late she has even eaten one of my work shirts. She’s started to eat my boys sporting skin clothing ( and they are very expensive) and now their clean bonds underpants. Short of revoking her I have no idea what to do. She knows it’s wrong because when we come home she is nowhere to be found....except the victim of clothing left by her food bowl.


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I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your Siamese ingesting fabrics… It can be a very stressful problem and very difficult to prevent without treating the underlying issue.

Firstly, I would suggest taking your gorgeous Siamese down to your local vet for a more in depth chat and a thorough physical exam. Your little munchkin seems to be displaying signs of Pica.

Pica is a disorder which causes animals to have an appetite for things that provide little to no nutrition; such as wool, paper, plastic, metal, faeces etc. It is undoubtedly a very dangerous condition, as there is a very high risk of an objection obstruction the gut and leading to emergency surgery. Pica can be caused by many things, including pain in the mouth, upper gastrointestinal pain, nausea and behavioural issues. So it is really important that we investigate for medical causes and treat those before assuming it to be purely a behavioural problem.

If no medical reason for this behavior is discovered, then treating for underlying behavioural issues can be commenced. This can include things like increasing their social/environmental enrichment, or possibly trying some antianxiety medication. This is definitely something to discuss further with your trusty local vet.

I hope you are your friendly vet can get to the bottom of why your Siamese likes to eat your wardrobe and find a solution! Keep us posted on how your little darling goes!

Best wishes,

Dr Danni


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