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My bearded dragon is having episodes

My bearded dragon is having episodes where she seems to cough/dry reach as if something is stuck in her throat. At the end of each cough she freezes with her mouth open for a couple of seconds longer. Also, she sometimes thrashes her head from side to side quite verociously. This has begun happening since she was boarded out with the breeder we bought her off. She has lost weight, is eating but not with the same gusto as before she went away. She is strong but not quite herself. Any suggestions?


1 Answer


Hi, thanks for your question - Are you feeding your buddy food that may be too big?

The food you feed a bearded dragon shouldn’t be any bigger than the space between their eyes or it may leave them impacted.

We would advise that you bring you pal and the food you feed them to your local vet; who can watch your dragon eat to see if the size of there food is the issue.

Let us know how you get on.



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